Jeni loves to be tied up and gagged in extreme bondage positions.

Jeni: Bound in Denim

Another previously unreleased oldie, tied tightly in a denim miniskirt and ball gagged.

Ball gag Denim Rope

Jeni: Stool Tied

A previously unreleased set from the past, I'm tied to the stool with lots of rope and gagged tightly with a ring gag.

Ring Gag Rope

Jeni: Chained to the Bed

Jeni was still in bed when she was taken, now she's left chained to the bed still wearing her PJs in a big ball gag and blindfolded.

Ball gag Blindfold Chain

Jeni: Secretary Bound

She was working late at the office, but finds herself taken home by her boss then bound and gagged and left to struggle on the floor.

Bit Gag Boots Rope

Jeni: Ring Gagged Strappado

Jeni has been taken and tied up tightly in a strappado in the cupboard and left with a ring gag. She can't control the drooling as she struggles for freedom.

Denim Ring Gag Rope

Jeni: Christmas Cheer

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Jeni is tied and gagged under the Christmas tree.

Ball gag Rope Uniform

Jeni: Chavtastic Hogtie

All dressed up as a chav, I'm bound, gagged, hogtied tight and struggling for freedom!

Cloth gag Denim Rope

Jeni: Cheerleader Captured

I was taken away from practice and lead down into the basement. I thought it was just a bit of harmless fun at first, then the cuffs came out and they wrapped tape around my mouth so I couldn't scream for help!

Bondage Tape Cheerleader Tape Tape gag Uniform

Jeni: Ballgagged on the Bed

I've been taken, gagged with a massive ball gag and strapped up tight waiting for my fate! I can do nothing but struggle on the bed, scared of what is going to happen to me next while the gag just makes my jaw ache and makes me drool.

Ball gag Denim

Jeni: Table tied

In a short denim skirt I've been tied to the table struggling for freedom!

Rope Tape gag

Jeni: Barmaid taken

It had been a long night behind the bar, all I wanted to do was go home and relax with a glass of wine. Instead I've been bound up tight and left to struggle on the floor by one of the customers, all while gagged tight with tape.

Rope Tape gag

Jeni and Nina Jay: Tied Cheerleaders

Coach told us that we needed some extra practice, we didn't think that it was going to be like this! We're gagged with a double ball gag and just left on the bed to roll around.

Ball gag Cheerleader Hogtie Pony tail Rope Uniform

Jeni and Nina Jay: Two Tied on the Sofa

What can you do with two girls who won't shut up? Tie them up, gag them and leave them on the sofa with no way of escaping!

Boots Cloth gag Denim Rope

Jeni: Sofa Hogtie

Hogtie Ring Gag

Jeni: Stored in the stairwell

I'm waiting for my fate, left on the stairs bound and gagged.

Cloth gag Pony tail Rope

Jeni and Nina Jay: Double Trouble

What happens when you get Nina and Jeni together? Double trouble... with added rope and gags! Nina gets a ball gag while I have to deal with a ring gag that makes me drool! Eventually we're pushed onto the floor, hooded and left to roll around with no hope of escaping.

Boots Ring Gag Rope

Jeni and Nina Jay: Double Ball Gag

We just can't get away from each other, not with this damn ball gag!

Ball gag Boots Rope

Jeni: Chair Tied

The only way to keep me still is to attach me to something, add a gag to shut me up!

Cloth gag Rope

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